Online Learning: Pros and Cons

(opinion article)

Not so long ago, our life was filled with live communication and real emotions. However, for all known reasons, all this had to be translated into online format. Learning is no exception. How to perceive online learning and whether to grieve for the past, read on!

It could seem that online learning is a defective stuff, just a replacement for offline learning. However, this attitude is subjective and depends on the perception of a particular person. Everything has its positives and negatives. Let’s find out what online learning has more.

I suggest starting with the sweet, with the pros.

  1. Saving time. As a student, this seems extremely important to me. The saved hours, which would otherwise have to be spent on the road, can be used for anything, such as sleep. Imagine now students can get enough sleep and be more productive! Perhaps…
  2. Less cash costs. You don’t have to spend money on the road and snacks every weekday to regain lost energy. In turn, the saved money can be spent on something more useful, such as a chocolate for a mom.
  3. Visiting lessons while sick. Thanks to the online format, you won’t miss studying. Visits are completely safe, both for your health and for the health of others.
  4. High efficiency. Of course, it depends on how studying is organized in the educational institution. However, practice has shown that online learning isn’t inferior to offline. Lecture notes, presentations, video material are its reliable and effective tools.

As you can see, online learning has something to bite offline. However, it also has an Achilles’ heel. Hm, to be precise, as many as four.

  1. Lack of live communication. Although the online format allows you to see and hear others, it’ll never convey all the nuances of live talking. Gestures aren’t visible, facial expressions and objects are distorted by low video quality and not even everybody turns on the cameras! For example, me.
  2. Constant distractions. When you’re in a lesson, you’re mostly focused. Some folly, and the lecturer will shame you with a look or remark. In online, the lecturer doesn’t have such power. You can pet your cat, chat with group mates or even drink coffee with cherry croissants.
  3. Dependence on technology. As soon as your lights are turned off, your computer or phone is taken away, you’ll become a blind, defenseless kitten. Thus, you need to pay for the Internet on time, monitor the performance of your gadget and be on good terms with the housing office.
  4. Harm to health. This is no secret that constant presence at the monitor provokes all sorts of diseases. It may happen that after graduation you’ll look like a pensioner. Sounds scary, because then you’ll have common topics with old women.

So, what is better? Online learning or offline?

Both the first and second format have their pros and cons. Both are effective, but in different situations. It’s like a spoon and a fork, and each designed for something specific.

Maybe when it’s all over, people will use a spoon-fork… I mean both formats. However, how effective will it be then? I think time will tell.

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