Winter evenings often turn into watching movies with friends and relatives. The period of three months forces us to believe in miracles and immerse yourself in the magic world. Search for a good movie is delayed for a long time. Appropriate film is able to maintain a warm atmosphere in the house and complement the mood with positive New Year’s emotions. For you I have prepared a selection of 5 Christmas films that will bring positive, good mood and fabulous holiday atmosphere for the whole family.

  1. HOME ALONE (1993)

This is a movie which a whole generation grew up with. A traditional comedy about a very young boy who is at Christmas night stays home alone. But what awaits Kevin without parents in his own house? How does Kevin come up with troubles? You know if you watch it.


A young composer, author of Christmas songs, is forced to celebrate Christmas in the company of his ex-wife, her parents and a teenage son. And here it turns out that he is living a holiday again and again. The hero will have to seriously rack his brain to put the life in a normal way.


On the eve of Christmas, Santa is invited to work at a large New York supermarket. However, the owners of neighboring shops did everything to get away from the old one. How the New Year will end with such idea?

  1. CURLY SUE (1991)

Bill Danser has a nine-year-old daughter called Curly Sue. He is not wealthy, there is nothing behind him at all, but Bill is trying to provide for Sue even if it’s not actually legal. He considers that dad must treat the baby in any ways. One day they meet their new victim, but everything is going sideways…


The film is based on the novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. The main character of the film is a boy Charlie. He loves chocolate very much, but his family is very poor, so he can’t afford these delicacies. One day he finds a golden ticket to the chocolate factory. And this is where the adventures begin…

Take a cup of hot chocolate, wrap in a blanket and start watching! Merry Christmas!

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