‘Our Format’ Publishing House Conflict

‘Our Format’ Publishing House was left without top managers due to the conflict.

All top management has resigned from the Nash Format publishing house.

In particular, the editor-in-chief Olga Dubchak resigned, as well as the director, marketing director, art director, editor-in-chief and other specialists. Olga Dubchak announced this on her Facebook page.

The former leader notes that the impetus for the dismissal of the team was the publication by the publishing house of a book by Russian scientist Anna (Anchi) Baranova ‘Coronavirus. Instructions for survival.’

“Personally, I honestly wrote to the owner of the company that the issue of any connection with the Russians — for me the line between good and evil. There were arguments (not by me, the team, because I can’t get together when I’m triggered) why this book shouldn’t be hired, and options from other countries were offered. But less so, the book is ready, and Ukrainians have traditionally justified their love for a good older brother, so everything is fine, “says Dubchak.

An electronic version of the book is now available on the publisher’s website.

According to Olga Dubchak, the key reason for dismissal was not the publication of the book itself, but the team’s “humiliation, insults and devaluation.”

“Suddenly it turned out that the team is an unprofessional literary circle, incompetent and incompetent…That the owner cannot be told “I do not agree / I do not support your opinion,” because you risk being oppressed. This is exactly what I do not want to keep silent about, because keeping silent about humiliation at work in the 21st century is the same as keeping silent about domestic violence. No one, you hear, no one has the right to treat you like shit, especially if you are a cool and professional team,” says the former editor of the publishing house.

Olga Dubchak also noted that a new “star team” has already arrived at the publishing house. The owner of the publishing house, Vladyslav Kyrychenko, reacted to the situation with the dismissals and added that he considered it normal. In addition, the founder told under whose leadership the publishing house will continue its activities.

“… In my opinion, it is absolutely normal and natural when during the restart of a business some people leave the company and others come. I am sincerely grateful to everyone, without exception, who was involved in the stunning success of our publishing house. But: Our Format 3.0 “It’s much more than a publishing house, and we have very ambitious plans. I hope that the new, really stellar team of professionals led by Oksana Bulava will justify my trust and realize my dreams,” Kirichenko said.

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