“#OURS on the world map”, Ulyana Skitska

(book review)

The book “#OURS on the world map” by journalist Ulyana Skytska was published by The Old Lion Publishing House. It is a must-read for everyone, regardless of age or type of activity.

This book contains 80 stories about extraordinary Ukrainians(by origin or place of birth), recognized by the whole world, who changed the course of history, whose achievements are surprising and impressive. Among the heroes of the book are well-known Ivan Puluj, Solomiya Krushelnytska, Andy Warhol, Sofia Yablonska, Kazimir Malevich, Igor Sikorsky, Maria Prymachenko. And there are those who will be a real discovery for readers: the son of Ukrainian emigrants Vladimir Tytla, who painted gnomes in “Snow White” by Walt Disney; the microbiologist who invented the bubonic plague vaccine, Waldemar Haffkine; a talented geneticist who developed Darwin’s theory, Theodosius Dobzhansky; Anton Omelchenko from Poltava ― a pioneer at the North Pole; Mikhail Kravchuk, a mathematician whose development formed the basis of the world’s first computer; the daughter of a Lviv banker who invented the principle of Wi-Fi, Gedi Lamar; Yuri Knorozov, a Kharkivite who deciphered the Mayan script. These people are definitely inspiring.

“From school, I like biographies to have a plot, and I really don’t like a dry list of facts. All the materials in the book, I had to approve with relatives, press secretaries of the heroes. Many of the facts I found on the Internet turned out to be untrue,” admitted the author of the book, Ulyana Skytska.

Among the indisputable advantages is the successful manner of writing texts. The book is written very interestingly ― clearly, concisely and with the necessary emphasis on the brightest and most fascinating facts from the biographies of the book’s heroes.

“At first, the book was supposed to contain 100 stories. Famous world names were chosen. But I did not include in the book those heroes about whom I could not find anything new. That’s what happened to Kvitka Cisyk. The publication also includes lesser-known heroes who have made extraordinary achievements,” the author said.

Of the particular note is the design, which looks stylish and harmoniously fits the theme of the book, but the downside is that some design decisions do not have a very good effect on readability. But the use of real photos brings the reader even closer to the heroes of the book.

I am convinced that this book is a real source of inspiration and useful information. It reveals to the reader people who cannot be ignored. That is why my rating of this book is 5 stars.

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