(humorous story)

Going to a buddy`s birthday party, Nikita imagined a cool holiday with no problems in the morning.  But the reality turned out to be completely different …
The day after festivities he rubbed his swollen eyes.

“I do not remember anything, why I was there, who was there, what I drank there. What a fool! How do I want a glass of water, just only one glass, how do I want…” Without waking up completely, he went staggering in the search of water.  In two meters, the guy grappled with some creature clinging his leg and crawling somewhere on the floor.

“Look where you are going,” a drunk and sleepy voice of a girl in a glamour dress said to Nikita from the corner.

“Oh My God, what’s going on here? Vadik will kill me for all this mess! Lord, why did I get so drunk yesterday? I don’t even remember what happened yesterday,” Nikita thought to himself and went to the kitchen to save himself from a heavy hangover. On the way there he noticed that Vadim’s house seemed to have turned into a scrap rap: things were scattered everywhere, bottles were broken, food was littered not only on the table but also on all chairs. All things were turned topsy-turvy, all people lay directly on the floor, some of them even in those rooms where Vadim just strictly prohibited to sleep.

“Wow, it will take a day or two to clean all this wreckage…”, Nikita thought being shocked with all this mayhem mess. Suddenly he slipped on something wet that had been spilled on the floor, “Damn!” His legs slid in different directions, and without holding back, the guy clutched desperately at a chair that was standing right at his hand. Grabbing it with a foolhardy shout, he fell on the floor, completely breaking the unfortunate chair.

“Holy crap! What is it? After a party, almost everything is crashed here. Blimey! This antique chair costs more than my smartphone. Vadim will kill me for sure. What a lousy life! I was his friend for years and in an hour or two he will delete me from his list,” Nikita was ready to get down in the dumps while looking at broken chair`s odds and ends.

After stepping over several twisted bodies, Nikita reached the kitchen and gulped the water finally, “Uhm, and what else is waiting for me?”

“Nikita, how did you manage to turn my house into such startling muss-fuss?” Vadik appeared like a bizarre bolt of lightning. “Now it looks like a grand garbage can!”

Nikita just got shocked, “You see…frankly speaking…I don’t remember exactly why it’s so dirty here…At first, everything was tip-top, soft and sober, even upper-class…but after that…” moaned Nikita with his deeply surprised voice. “Vadik, the girls brought some elite mulled red vine, we cheerfully drank it together, and after that one after another got unexpected blackouts, I just remember nothing. In general, when I came here, I almost killed myself, as if I did not go, but overcame a quest labyrinth: obstacles here, obstacles there, drunk bodies right, drunk bodies left. I got to the water sure but it was a dramatic pass,” Nikita scratched his head.

“Hah, it was you who gasped there, right? I heard some roar, I thought something fell down,” said Vadim thoughtfully and smiled suddenly. “Hmm, the girls brought some elite red wine! In what sleazy dive did they buy it!”

The boys remembered the crazy party for a long time, especially after cleaning the house, which lasted the whole eternity.

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