Pen or stick?

(magic realism)

While walking with her parents in the dense woods, a little girl called Masha found a wizard looking wand. She took it home, threw it away and left this wand lying around.

Masha went to school, studied different languages, went to dances. And one day when she came home and noticed that she had an incomprehensibly lovely phenomenon lying on the windowsill.

She came closer and saw that her forest stick got splendid sprouts. She decided that this miracle should be planted in the ground of her garden. It’s been 5 years since Masha saw that something sublime and stunning could be done with her own hands, and she did it.

Just a bit later, together with her Dad she made wooden pens and pencils from the twigs of the spell sprout planted in her garden. Gradually it turned into an amazing fir-tree, reminding her faraway wood with dense pines and oaks…

Now Masha believes that this twig pen brings her luck and success in signing serious contracts because Masha is the CEO.

P.S. About the fact that the forest stick turned into a magic plant and then into a wizard pen, surely, it was just a dream. However, in the wild woods Masha found a fir-tree sprout which got alive thanks to the tender care and kind heart of Masha. She made a twig pen which turned out really magic.

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