People can kill unknowingly

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Once, my mother killed my cactus, which I named Roni. I don’t know how to come up with new, original names, so most often I take them from some movies, books or TV shows. That was the name of the dolphin in one of the American TV shows.

  • Note: cool dolphins. Although I heard that they killed or wanted to kill a man. But it is believed that they are very peaceful and kind.

My cactus was also very peaceful and kind. Once I even witnessed how it bloomed. This was gorgeous.

  • Note: beauty is beauty, but his needles, although small, are sharp. By the way, the same can be said about people.

Once the needles stuck into my hand, but I don’t remember how they ended up in my palm. I could not intentionally allow this. It seems Roni was falling, and I, like a real friend, tried to save him from death in any way.

Mom killed it in the usual way. Too often watered.

• Note: if you did not know, cacti almost wouldn`t not need water. They absorb the right amount of moisture from the air.

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