Perfect Nature


I am amazed at how well thought out everything is in the world: life and development, death and reproduction…Existence itself is an ideal process, which takes into account even failures and errors.

This is manifested in everything, in chemistry, physics, biology and other sciences…We always see the perfect algorithm of action.

I remember this when I see the treetops in the forest, which very clearly fill the entire space of the sky above my head, they look like a thoughtful puzzle. I still see it in the bloom of the flower, when everything is just impeccable. It also manifests itself in the way animals adapt to changes in the weather. How do they feel these changes?

Yes, I was out of town recently and was able just to stop and notice these little perfect processes. It reminds me that everything is going exactly as it should.

My life is not accidental, because there is nothing accidental in the world.

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