Places That Feel Good

(descriptive essay)

Each of us has a place where we feel good and calm, peaceful and happy.
I have several such places and I would like to tell you more about each of them.

The first place is my aunt’s house in a small village in Vinnitsa region. It is so small that my aunt lives almost alone on her street – there are no neighbors there. Her house stands on top of a hill from which you can go down to a huge beautiful lake. Many different animals live in it — fish, turtles, but the most beautiful thing is the snow-white swans, which I feed every summer, because they are completely tame. Oh, what splendid sunsets you could find there – with all palettes of pink and orange tints! You can enjoy them every evening standing in the middle of the field. In general, I like to be in the middle of nature and it is so gorgeous to visit my relatives, to walk into the green forest, to look at the yellow fields of sunflowers and to get high on the tranquility there.

My second favorite place is the whole city — Lviv. This city makes me fall in love with it more and more with every passing time. Cloudy weather and light grayness suit it a lot, because it matches this amazing architecture, local residents and the whole atmosphere. For me, this is a striking and special city, for its old streets with ancient history, pubs and cafeterias with incredibly delicious local food and the very atmosphere of this movement and noise in the middle of Market Square.

My last precious place is just my neighborhood where I live. In the summer I like to go out in the evenings and just walk around. Look at these shabby ‘Khrushchyovka’ panel houses, where life teems in every apartment, or at the two-storied solid houses built by the Germans during and after the WWII. I love the huge park nearby, filled with smart squirrels to feed; I love the blue ponds in this park and just stroll around and enjoy the life.

For me, each of my beloved places is especially beautiful, in each I feel good, and I can constantly describe them, remembering more and more new details.

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