Poald Dahl ‘Witches’

(book review)

My rating is 5/5⭐

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you.”
Roald Dahl, The Witches

Terrible, fabulous and mesmerizing. The same fear that both frightens and leads to wild delight. Children adore it. It seems that everyone knows what this book is about. About a boy who was left an orphan, and his grandmother-sweet grandmother, a lover of smoking a pipe and telling tales about witches. So these tales (what a surprise!) are a reality. The boy encounters a real witch, and not even one. And witches, my friends, hate children. How unfortunate that as a child I did not have this book.

The film shot in the 1990s made an unforgettable impression on me then. The book, I’m sure, would be just a success

First, the composition. I didn’t like the composition, it is too perplexed. I adore books that are written simply but accurately, like for children, but without a primitive, and even with humor. – a song! I also read the second FVO, the plot. In places, the hard, icy child’s soul is so curious that it itches in all places. So hunting adventures, yeah.

Third, the mood. Carefree, life-affirming, even in a hopeless situation. Even when the finale is non-Hollywood. The boy is faced with this slave, and not even one.

Fourth, humor. Yes, yes, it is worth standing out as a separate item. My acquaintance with Roald Dahl was amazing. I am preparing for a long friendship, waiting for Sasha to grow up a little to read his books with her.

Have you read “Witches”? If you are a fan of Poald Dahl’s work, what else would you advise to read?

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