Poetry Still Alive?

(essay about poetry)

What is art? What is poetry? Can we say that in the 21st century, poetry still remains only in textual form? Contemporary art is a big question. From the author, from the viewer, from society, from the art-object. And we underestimate how poetry changes us, how it affects thinking. And the fact that people often do not go internally from rhyme to vertebra takes a lot. We still ask with skepticism, “And is this art?” “Why?” Bbecause our hearts are closed and blind.

Poetry is the concentrate of being, the concentrate of the language. Immersion in it is an act of knowing the world within oneself. Didn’t we children try to write something original, to create something unusual, to express ourselves? So how do we get acquainted with poetry? Will only books or anthologies in libraries help?

No, I do not devalue them, but they are specific, aimed at individuals. Poetry for all is contemplation. Deep meditation on reality, which looks static, but changes every second. To understand poetry, you should try to look at the rain through the eyes of a baby who did not know the rain before. Poetry is a conscious search for something new in familiar things.

And this is a necessity.

Let`s try to feel it now with Walt Whitman

Meditating among liars, and retreating sternly into myself, I see
that there are really no liars or lies after all,
And that nothing fails its perfect return—And that what are called
lies are perfect returns,
And that each thing exactly represents itself, and what has preceded
And that the truth includes all, and is compact, just as much as
space is compact,
And that there is no flaw or vacuum in the amount of the truth—but
that all is truth without exception;
And henceforth I will go celebrate anything I see or am,
And sing and laugh, and deny nothing.

How can we understand it? Just try to sing and laugh.

How do you feel in now? A-whole-nother? I knew that…

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