I was passing through Poland, so I didn’t really see anything, just the silhouettes of endless fields and cozy houses in Wroclaw. The point was to return.

I can’t but miss Krakow. For a couple of hours of staying in this “Hogwarts”, there was a feeling of a small fairy tale, which quickly ended. The city is magical, you need to go back for longer.

And here is Warsaw. Warsaw seemed an incredibly huge hive. Especially, after the mysterious and cozy Kosice. This “hive” is very loud. The constant noise and the feeling of a megalopolis weighs on your ears, but in a couple of days you adapt and you start to notice more.

For example posters. All posters, signs, posters in Warsaw are a separate art form. They are almost not repeated and fascinate at every step with their uniqueness.

Neon night signs. Neon variety strikes the eye with all the colors of the rainbow. It would seem that you encountered not a simple Barbershop or coffee shop, at night they would look like magic places of power and entertainment and would spark in the eyes of struck passers-by.

The first thing that surprised me in Warsaw was traffic. How they love bicycles and scooters here. At first, it seemed that there were more of them than pedestrians or cars. This is the perfect city for such rides. Everything is equipped. From traffic lights to special roads.

Warsaw – it’s a smoothie of antiquity and modernism. A harmonious combination of the latest technologies and modern buildings with old buildings and cultural surroundings.

To sum up, Warsaw is like the illegitimate daughter of New York and Washington. A mini-projection of these cities. It’s a long way to the high-rises of Manhattan, but it’s remotely like “a piece of cake with a cherry falling out of it.” But this does not negate the fact that this “pie” is very delicious!

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