Popular professions of the future: How will science change the world?

Time is rapidly changing people’s lives. A century ago the profession of lantern lighter was popular, now cab drivers are in demand, and tomorrow these occupations will completely vanish into oblivion. A loud series of factors will lead to new and unexpected professions.

  1. Solar or wind energy technician

Progressive forms of energy are becoming more and more accessible every year. Humanity continues to develop solar energy and wind power as part of the transition to a completely environmentally friendly form of energy. It is worth mentioning that the profession of solar and wind energy technician exists today. Jobs in this field are the fastest growing in the world in terms of the number of jobs.

  1. Specialist in the implantation of internal organs

In the future, huge queues for organ transplants will be a thing of the past. Doctors will order specially grown or 3D-printed organs. The creation of new formations of the human body will be created by implantation specialists. New organs created from patients’ cells will help save the lives of tens of thousands of people. Today’s trend in transplantation shows that organ replacement will become an integral part of the medicine of the future.

  1. Space tourism guide

Major space companies, such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, are already making plans to launch space travel. In the relatively near future, people will be able to spend vacations in space. American inventor and investor Elon Musk announced the launch of tourist flights in 2024. Among the most likely destinations are the Earth’s orbit, the Moon and Mars. The announced price of a ticket to the ‘red planet’ is $200,000.

  1. Designer of virtual worlds

Technical progress in the near future may give the world a new entertainment created as a result of the fusion of cinema and game industry. And with it a new profession – the designer of virtual worlds. According to the ‘Atlas of New Professions,’ the specialty is expected to appear after 2020. The work of such a specialist will focus on the creation and elaboration of the world where the story scenes will take place.

What will distinguish them from the current designers of 3D movies, games, cartoons, and the like? Carefully detailing the atmospheres of the new worlds will require more painstaking elaboration and, most importantly, a deeper conceptualization. In addition to designing and developing the landscape and architecture, such a specialist will develop a philosophy, the rules of social and economic interaction, the laws of nature and sensation (smells, sounds, etc.).

The professions of tomorrow will help make our lives more comfortable and diverse. The topic of future professions is not only interesting, but also useful as a predictor of the best jobs for the future.

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