Practice at the ‘Old Lion Publishing House’


Hi there! I want to share with you my impression of the practice I had at the “Old Lion Publishing House.” This was a practice, which took place from 08.02.2021 to 18.04.2021.

The “Old Lion Publishing House” was founded on December 13, 2001, by Maryana Savka and Yuriy Chopyk in Lviv and has existed for 20 years. According to the quarantine realities, the publishing house has slightly changed working conditions. Most employees switched to work from home. In particular, my practice was also remote.

I was lucky to work with the PR and marketing department. In particular, I joined the SMM team and content managers Olena Semenyuk and Natalia Biletska. This practice gave me the opportunity to try myself in different positions.

As the editor of the thematic edition, my task was to write a text for the blog. The topic was the “Top 10 most famous detectives in books.” I chose detectives, found a photo/illustration and a description for each of them.

As a marketing and PR specialist, my task was to write a text about 3 non-fiction books in February. I chose the following books, “Blitzscaling,” “Book on Stage,” and “Python Crash Course.” I rewrote the annotations for each one, and also found additional amazing information about the authors and about the topic in general.

As a content manager, I had to create two multimedia tests. To do this, I read each of the proposed books, selected and wrote down compelling questions and answers. And then I created the most multimedia tests for two books – “The Secret Lives of Unicorns” by Temisa Seraphini and “Age of Dinosaurs” by Steve Brusatte.

I was involved in filling the official website of the “Old Lion Publishing House.” Now I am one of the authors, I even have my own page among the authors.

The practice at The “Old Lion Publishing House” is definitely the most fruitful and varying. Thank you very much to Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University for this opportunity!

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