Pride and Prejudice

(book review)

Jane Austen’s most famous novel ‘Pride and prejudice’ is considered one of the masterpieces of world literature.

A timeless classic and inspiring love story. There are many things that I liked about the novel, for it’s slow but beautiful writing, unique English humor, or symbolism. The eternal classic of English novels, which can not leave anyone indifferent. I don’t want to spoilerize too much — after all, it’s better to read such books once yourself than to reread other people’s opinions about them hundreds of times.

The plot develops slowly, replete with descriptions of the characters, but it is well framed, which pleases. The characters gradually open up, understand that everything is not as simple as it seemed.

There are too many infuriating characters in the novel, some of them even infuriated me (I was ashamed of them, for the fact that this happens in general). For example, the mother of the main character and her younger sisters, well, they are generally empty, and the worst thing is the realization that there are a lot of such people around me, with the same principles and attitude to life.

The first half of the book was quite neutral, Yes, there were moments of surprise, but there were not so many of them. The ‘juice’ itself started in the middle of the book. That’s where I already read excitedly, although I repeat, I knew how the work would end, but it was fascinating to watch the characters and their changes throughout the book. I didn’t want to leave the characters, especially Lizzie and Jane. Lizzie is a gorgeous girl. She is very friendly and sweet, sincere and well-mannered. Jane is not much inferior to her sister. Kitty and Lydia are two little “fools”, of course their father does not call them so affectionately. Mary is a human philosopher, and after reading books, she puts in smart and wise expressions wherever possible. Mrs. Bennet turned out to be one of the most unpleasant characters, because she was only interested in profit and entertainment, and Mr. Bennet seemed to be interested in nothing.

This novel also shows the art of elegant English humor. If Wodehouse is all about absurdity, then Jane Austen is playing on the field of satire. Subtle insinuations about human relationships permeate all levels of characters` dialogues. Boring dialogues of the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie are a background cover for displaying a number of quite serious thoughts of the writer.

The disadvantages include too fast, poorly motivated, and therefore, in my opinion, some improbable “rebirth” of Mr. Darcy: an inveterate proud man who is unlikely to be able to subdue his so many years of cultivated arrogance so soon.

Such books make you think about how often we lose a lot in life because of our pride and stubbornness. Don’t be afraid to meet yourself face to face on the Street of your Life…My rating is 9.5 /10.

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