Prince? Maybe a dragon?

Fan fiction based on “Fairytale Fandom”

Chapter 1

Unremarkable morning, if you do not take into account the surprisingly cold and cloudy weather for mid-summer. А gust of cool wind burst into the loosely fitting window doors, opening them open and giving an invigorating freshness to the young lady who was still sleeping peacefully in her bed. The girl jumped up. Crouching on the edge of the bed, she slipped her feet into fluffy pink slippers and tried to recall the recent dream, from which she was so unscrupulously pulled out by the frolicking weather. The dream definitely left a pleasant impression, but the more the girl tried to recall his details, the more rapidly they slipped out of her head. However, the only detail that filled the dream throughout it was not going to hide and vaguely surfaced before my eyes: a pink-haired top of the head. A painfully familiar image flashed in my memory now quite distinctly, supplemented by a broad smile on the young man’s contented face.


The name barely heard on the exhalation responded with a slightly stronger beat of the heart in the girl’s chest. She closed her eyes and ran her tender hands into her disheveled golden hair. The dream, in which one of her faithful teammates Natsu Dragneel took part, was far from the first and is unlikely to be the last. It should be noted that this guy occupied a significant part of her life, and even was the owner of a noisy and memorable character that leaves an imprint in the minds of even those personalities who believed that they could not be surprised. Lucy, and this is exactly the name of the blonde sitting on the bed, was an impressionable lady and therefore it is doubly expected that the image of a friend did not leave her even in a dream.

Lucy was afraid to delve into herself in search of the true causes of this phenomenon, although the answer had a long lay on the surface, and therefore seemed even more frightening. In fact, can’t she, Lucy Heartfelia, a hereditary spirit charmer brought up in an aristocratic society, love a man who devours fire and sweeps everything in his path? And this is, in addition to the guy’s absolute inability to stay in public, at least a little decent! And if you recall his short-sightedness…No, definitely there was no question of any sympathy other than to be friendly. And we don’t choose dreams, and all the same, their plots were not particularly put off in the girl’s memory.

Comforting herself with such arguments, the blonde nodded decisively and went to the bathroom to put herself in order. At breakfast, thoughts finally switched when her eyes fell on the calendar on the wall. On a page with a background of beautiful summer flowers, a bold number surrounded by a red marker stood out – the first of July. He only had six days left. In almost a week, Lucy will come of age. Grabbing a cup of unfinished tea from the kitchen, the girl moved to the writing desk in the room. Pulling out a pen and dipping it in ink, she began to write words on a snow-white sheet of paper.

“Mom … I am writing to you again. Soon the day will come when they will consider me quite an adult. I am so sorry that neither you nor dad can tell me what meaning is actually hidden in this word. Get up on your own. Stand your ground. Am I capable of this? I think yes. The guild made me stronger, mom, I feel it with every cell of my body, but how much I still have to learn, much more to learn! I have friends, and they will help me comprehend this world, learn from them. I would like to celebrate my birthday in the guild. I’m sure that Mirazhanna will come up with something for the holiday, Kana will get drunk until unconscious, as always, but she doesn’t need a reason, Gray will hide from Juvia, Erza will keep order, although her presence is a good argument for everyone, to temporarily forget about your love of fights. Natsu “…

The pen suddenly flinches, leaving a blot on the name. The heart seemed to hit in a rib – his blow was so strong. The girl’s hand froze, not risking printing new characters on paper.

“What really is it!” forgetting about business, Lucy grabbed a warm sweater, threw it on herself and went out into the street.

Cool air sobered her head. Taking a deep breath, the blonde walked toward the guild building. The wind ruffled the hem of a short skirt, making its wearer once again regret the sacrifice required by beauty. After all, it would be almost a crime to hide slim girl legs behind trousers and long dresses and therefore had to endure the cold. Lucy was aware of the charms of her young body.  That was not the desire to seem defiantly sexy…at least consciously or smartly. Lucy did not seek to be the object of sexual arousal of the stronger gender. Her thoughts were childishly pure, she dreamed of a prince ready to win her heart, and only a natural instinct gave her a tip that she would have a much greater chance of attracting this very prince if she did not hide her stunning figure. After all, a little coquetry is permissible even for princesses.

Entering the main hall of the guild building, the girl went to the bar and sat down behind it.

“Hello Mira, can I get something hot from the drinks?”

“Oh, hello Lucy. Of course.”

The white-haired girl mixed the multi-colored liquids from the bottles on the shelves in a transparent glass, which she had rubbed with a dry towel until shine and put it in front of the blonde.

Lucy put her cold palms to the glass and felt warm. A few sips of the cocktail also spread warmth over the body, removing goosebumps from the skin.

“Oh Mira, wonderful drink, thank you! I warmed myself up.”

The barmaid smiled and continued to clean wineglasses.

“Lucy, what about your birthday soon? Are you planning anything?”

“Actually, I would like to celebrate it here in the guild with my comrades.”  The blonde twitched a little in the chair. She blushed a little, which made Mirajanna’s smile wider.

“Oh, so you want to celebrate on a large scale! They know a lot about it. I think you can ask a couple of people to help prepare. Decorate the room and prepare drinks and food.”

Lucy’s eyes shone.

“Yes, it would be great! That’s just …” The perky brilliance went out. “I don’t have that much money …” The girl sadly resting her head in her hands.

“You still have time, almost a week. You can take the task easier and complete it with Natsu, for sure he will be ready to give you the whole award in honor of your birthday.”

At the mention of the partner’s name, a blush appeared on Lucy’s cheeks that covered her face and she tried to quickly turn away from Mira. This gesture did not escape the attentive gaze of the barmaid, and in her eyes the light of the sly ones lit up.

“And here, by the way, is he. Natsu-uu-oo!” Mira widely waved to a pink-haired young man who, as usual, suffered silliness for the amusement of others, dancing with a blue cat on a table in the middle of the hall.

Lucy sat upright in her chair, trying to overcome the embarrassment that had painted her face the color of a ripe tomato. She practically coped with the task when a heavy male hand sharply fell on her shoulders.

“Lucy-and-and, good morning!” The face, illuminated by a wide smile from ear to ear, caught up with the girl’s face, burning the departed blush with a frantic force.

“Good morning, Lucy,” echoed in a thin voice, a blue cat with wings emerging from behind his back.

“Good morning, Happy,” Lucy smiled in a strained way, trying to calm her excitement.

“Hey, and say hello to me?” – The guy’s snow-white smile faded, replacing a joyful expression on his face annoyingly puzzled. He squeezed the sorceress’s shoulders a little harder and this not very noticeable movement finally knocked the girl off balance. She jumped up from her chair, dropping the guy’s hand off and staring at his dark eyes, she said:

“How many times have I told you – stop throwing your heavy hand at me? Girls are not treated like that!”

Natsu patted his eyes in surprise and smiled again good-naturedly, throwing his hands behind his head.

“What are you, Lucy, you are my friend.”

The blonde understood that her behavior was too emotional, but in confusion she did not control herself well. She wanted to get away somewhere rather and even better – to get rid of the source of emotions that stood before her with a stupid lyba.

“But I’m also a girl. Is it clear to you? Girl!” And turning around in her heels, Lucy quickly, almost in time with her own heartbeat, strode to the task board.

“Lucy is strange.” Happy watched the caster, eating a delicious fish.

“Yeah.” the salamander absently scratched his head.

“Never mind, Natsu, it’s all hormones,” Mira giggled.

“Hormones?” Natsu raised his eyebrows in surprise. For a couple of seconds, a thought process took place in his head, after which the expression on his face changed to a jubilant one:

“Ah, I get it!”

The guy jerked for the blonde, inspired by relief from the situation that cleared up, although the Mira did leave the feeling that he had thought up everything again with his stupidity characteristic of him. But she was not going to interfere, by no means, she was pleased to watch the spark of romantic relations flaring up before her eyes, in their own way strange and unusual, but no less beautiful from this. She possessed insight and a sharp mind, this demoness, and now did not doubt the conclusion to which Lucy’s reaction brought her when mentioning the name of her friend. Lucy was in love with Natsu and she was clearly afraid to admit it. First of all to myself. As for Natsu…Even Mira’s insight was not enough to understand his true feelings. For all his innocence, he was a complex nature, whose thoughts, despite the seeming ingenuousness, remained a mystery to others.

“It turns out that you are not waiting for the prince, Lucy.” Mira again giggled under her breath and returned to the duties of a waitress.

The Spirit Caster sought a quest on the board with a good reward with relatively little difficulty. It’s not that she was afraid of the difficult ones – more than once she and the team took up the execution of similar ones and coped very successfully. It was just that the process could drag on for weeks, and she had relatively little time before the celebration, and the money was desperately needed. The girl would follow the advice and call Natsu on the task, because together they could afford to take the task higher in class, with an appropriate award, but after the recent scene, she clearly lacked the spirit to ask this guy for anything.

The violator of peace of mind of the girl himself did not consider himself superfluous, on the contrary, noting that she was interestedly glancing at the announcements, a priori decided that the task was being sought for all of them. Where would Lucy go without him and Happy? They are a team! As usual, having forgotten about the claims made a minute ago (not for the first time, by the way), the dragon slayer again hit the girl from the back, touching her neck in a typically male gesture.

“Lucy, are you looking for a job? Where are we going?” He asked.

She again threw off his hand with a sharp movement and indignantly cried out:

“Natsu, you dunce, I just told you not to throw your hands on me! And what does it mean,” where are we going? “.  I go alone and look for a task for myself!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” the pink-haired smiled discouragingly, raising his hands in a conciliatory gesture. “I know your stomach hurts, so you’re so weird today.”

“Yeah. Even weirder than usual,” Happy said as always.

A nervous tick ceased to be a threat and firmly took hold of the blonde’s left eye:

“Why have you decided that my stomach hurts?”

“So Mira said.”

“Mira?” Lucy looked back at the waitress, but she was busy talking with the head of the guild Makarov. “What exactly did she say?” The sorceress asked suspiciously.

“She said that it was all about these … like him …” Natsu thought deeply. “Hormones!”

“Hormones ?!”

“Yeah,” Natsu and Happy said happily with one voice, “You ate them and your stomach hurts now, so you behave like a wound up one,” raising his index finger up, as if a sage-mentor, enlightening his students, continued to explain Natsu.

Lucy took a deep breath, “Natsu, hormones are not food.”

“Yes?” – The guy’s surprise was so childishly sincere that Lucy’s anger and irritation began to fade away.

“Yes. And my stomach doesn’t hurt. And anyway, I’m not strange at all!” She looked indignantly at the couple in front of her, but this indignation was rather indicative. “You just got me crazy with your antics. And I’m looking for a task, to get money to celebrate my coming of age I would like to share the fun with my friends here.

“Oh yes, you have a birthday very soon. Then, all the more, we should take the task with a big reward! After all, I still have to buy a gift for you!”

The girl looked down, embarrassed. Needless to say, she would not dare to voice her true, hidden desire to anyone, and under no circumstances. After all, the secret was a dream to receive as a gift from Natsu recognition of tender feelings for her. No, of course, she would not reciprocate – to anyone, but not to this miracle of nature. Especially, when you take into account a similar story when he misled her by making her think that he was going to invite her to meet when, in fact, he needed only help from her in an obscene trick. But something inside the girl trembled at the thought of a tiny desire burning her heart. Who knows maybe it would come true? Suddenly, a vague image from today’s dream surfaced in her memories: her hands buried in pink hair, passing naughty locks between her fingers. A familiar voice whispers her name … Lucy … Lucy …


Natsu still stood in front of her and he clearly did not like the caster’s ignoring, because he showed her a sheet with a suitable task, and for some reason she blushed and was clearly in a fantasy land.

The girl came to and shook her head, driving away the embarrassing dreams.

“What’s in the ad?” – trying to speak in an even voice, she asked.

“It takes to catch some pervert. A reward of four hundred thousand golden coins.”

“Wow! Wait, did you say a pervert?” Lucy took the paper. A vile-looking man with small piggy eyes looked at her from the drawing. In general, he looked more like a boar than a man. The description said that recently, in pursuit of lustful goals, he had abducted the daughter of an influential rich man in the city.

The girl was able to detect it and save herself before her honor would be irreparably tarnished, however, the criminal himself could not be captured. Now the customer is ready to roll off a tidy sum for his capture.

“What a nasty face.” Lucy grimaced, squeamishly handing the paper back to the young man. “And why exactly this task?”

“How is that why?” For Natsu, the answer seemed obvious. “Since this man loves young girls, you will serve as a bait. And I will feed him as soon as he sticks out.”

For greater persuasion, Natsu punched in the palm of his hand.

“The bait ?!” Here is a friend, nothing to say. Lucy was not ready to risk her body and the prospect of being covered by a pig-like freak who did not attract her, even for big bucks.

“Come on, Lucy,” the salamander began to whine. “I’ll protect you. You’ll see. I’ll catch the bastard before he even touches you!” The guy confidently poked himself in the chest with his finger.

Lucy thought for a moment. After all, Natsu really always saved her, even, it would seem, in hopeless situations, he still came to the rescue at the last second. She had no reason to doubt that this time too he would not fail, especially when her safety and honor were at stake. The case seemed nonsense, and the reward was good.

“OK, the deal is struck,” the girl nodded.

“Then …” Natsu crumpled the sheet in his hand. “We are going to the customer!”

“Aha!”  happily agreed Happy.

And the trio briskly headed to the exit, escorted by the attentive gazes of Makarov and Mira.

“They will be a wonderful couple, right, master?”  Mira smiled radiantly.

Makarov grunted quite a bit, taking a sip of a strong drink from the mug.

“Everything is ahead of them. Why not?”  He kept a lenghty pause and took another sip. “Love will soon become their greatest and most entertaining adventure. I feel it…”

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