Professional Career and Human Life

(Opinion article)

In my opinion, today, career plays a significant role in the lives of almost all people. Society changes and the attitude to professional development, too. If earlier a person who “made a career” had been condemned, now it is one of the indicators of a successful professional life. A lot of ‘career jokes, including this one went into oblivion, “Career pays off in the future, laziness pays off right now!”

In Ukraine, the concept of ‘career-making’ becomes more and more positive. First of all, this is an opportunity to realize your potential. Everyone has some peculiar opportunities, values, motives, and experiences that shape the I-concept of personality. Actually, it is a professional self-conscious person who is responsible for his or her self-determination and provides a manifestation of professional competence. The development of the concept occurs as the activity of the person acquires new experience. That is, the career has a motivational function. It has certain driving forces that stimulate a person to work actively to achieve their goals. During development, professional crises can be observed — dissatisfaction with their own activities, which stimulates the development of the need for professional growth. These are periods in which a person changes a vector of value orientations and motives, self-consciousness, activity and behavior. This phenomenon leads to a reorientation of the individual, its goals and attitudes, leads to changes in social and professional positions, ways of solving the tasks and relationships with the environment. Ascending career stages, a person acquires new theoretical knowledge, practical skills, abilities, reveals qualities, talents, acquires experience and thus becomes a master of his business. On the basis of achievements, self-respect, self-realization, the transformation of the personal potential is turned into reality. In professional terms, a person is satisfied with the chosen field of activity and position occupied. She or he feels psychological comfort at work and realizes himself or herself as a high skilled specialist. At the creative level, the person reveals his or her own abilities, acquired experience within the limits of professional potential and is oriented on the further formation of sharp skills and competences.

Success in professional activity also affects the material aspect, which is reflected in the status of a person and his real ability to implement the desired in life. Revenue determines the ability of the individual to provide himself with basic things such as food, housing, clothing, health, and secondary – travel, attending various events, comprehensive development, etc.

Hence, a professional career is an integral part of everybody’s life. This is one of the main factors that influence the maturity of personality. Its functions are self-realization and motivation, self-identification and material security, deep knowledge and aesthetic pleasure. In the work we can reveal ourselves as bright individuals, take a worthy place in Ukrainian society and make our own contribution in the development of freedom, rule of law and democracy for the flourishing of Ukraine. Personally, I plan to follow the words of Kamala Harris, “I am a career prosecutor. I have been trained, and my experience over decades is to make decisions after a review of evidence and the facts.”

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