Protection From Fakes

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Nowadays a fake news is spreading lightning-fast in the Ukrainian information space. This is primarily due to Russia’s war against our country. The enemies are trying to sow panic and disorient Ukrainians with false information. Now everyone who reads the news on the Internet should know how to check the publications for truthful info. This article provides tips on how to distinguish real information from manipulation in a nutshell.

1. Switch on critical thinking.

The main goal of those who create fakes is to intimidate the population. Fake articles usually appeal to emotions. Fraudsters write loud headlines like “All Donbas is under occupation!” or “The authorities have left Kyiv!” After seeing such headlines, youll obviously feel anxious and start panicking faster than your critical thinking turns on. In any case, dont let emotions overwhelm you – the mind must come first.

2. Check the sources.

It often happens that the fake news either has no links to sources of information, or refers to something incomprehensible. The red flag may be the following phrases in the text: “it was proved,” “our intelligence said,” “scientists have discovered” and the like options. Note this lack of specific links. Such texts lose their value as journalistic material, so they are not based on such information.

3. Read reliable news sites / pages.

There are a huge number of groups in the telegram, Facebook pages or just sites in Google that distribute fakes. The best way to protect yourself from misinformation is to read the news on a number of trusted sites, such as the BBC news, TSN news, as well as on the official websites of the President, the National Police or the SES of Ukraine. Just create a list of reputable and trustworthy media channels for yourself and don’t read anything from all over the Internet.

4. Do not create a “gossip radio.”

Fakes would not be so dangerous if it did not spread in the blink of an eye. People have a habit of sharing their experiences with others, and fake news evokes just such emotions. Some do not even read the frightening articles to the end, and because of the title they immediately send them to all relatives and acquaintances. Even worse is the situation when you, hearing what “Aunt Tamara snooped from the next door about the soldiers in captivity” and begin to spread rumors. Because of such “cuckoos” space is filled with false information. So, what conclusion can be drawn? Real news must follow such criteria: objectivity; at least one link to a trusted source of information; placement on reliable sites.

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