Psychoes can love

(short story)

It happened at a secondary school. She was 16 years old…He was one year older… They studied in the eleventh grade and fell in love with each other like two hilarious puppies. For the whole year, they flew on the wings of their love and built fairytale air castles in their dreams together…

But one day Nina found out that she had been loved by another guy for more than 3 years. It looked like a kind of Platonic love. When she dated nobody, he just kept silence, but when he found out that there was a rival, from a decent and clean-cut boy he turned into a crazy berserk.

Not thinking a lot, he set a fistfight with his lucky opponent. The whole school knew about it. Everyone came with smartphones to shoot this incredible cockfight. But there were too little laughter and show, there were too much blood and horror. I had never seen such a gory battle for a girl`s heart, especially since the boys were just  only 17 years old.

It ended tragically for her sweetheart. He had a crack in his head and had to be urgently hospitalized.
The psycho guy got a long-awaited prize. She couldn’t say ‘no’ because she would expect the same destiny. She said ‘yes’.

After that, no one saw her at school. She was prohibited by her psycho champ to leave his house. Who knows, maybe, they have a good family now… At least, I hope so.

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