Psychology-nuts! Come together!

Is it a good idea to be a psychology-nut?

The subject of psychology is a person as a subject of activity, the systemic qualities of his self-regulation, the laws of the formation and functioning of the psyche, his or her ability to reflect, know and regulate his or her interaction with the world.

Psychology studies the general patterns and features of human interaction with the external environment, due to the systemic-structural mechanisms of his psyche.

Among the general problems of psychology: the emergence and development of the psyche; human consciousness as the highest form of psyche; conditionality of human psyche by biological and socio-historical factors; neurophysiological foundations of mental activity; the structure of the human psyche; patterns of formation of mental images; regulatory essence of cognitive, will and emotional processes; individual psychological features of personality; psychological characteristics of human behavior in the social environment; psychology of specific human activities.

Psychological knowledge is necessary for a person to properly organize his relationship with other people, to effectively organize activities. He also needs them for introspection and personal self-improvement. It is no coincidence that the basic commandment of ancient thinkers says, “Man, know yourself.”

Each mental process belongs to a particular individual in whose life it is included; his or her experiences, and attitude to the external subject world. Mental processes indicate the connection of the mental with the physical and pose the so-called psychophysical problem, that is, the question of the relationship between the mental and the physical. Modern psychology comes from their unity, within which both mental and physical retain their specific properties.

Modern scientific psychology is increasingly aware of the laws of human mental activity and mental regulation of behavior, reveals conditions and means of optimizing human activity.

Special attention is paid to problems that are not yet sufficiently covered in scientific and methodological literature: problems of critical creative thinking, models and stages of communication, conditions of effective communication. Much attention is paid to applied aspects of psychology, in particular, ways to overcome stress, techniques of effective communication and self-education of will.

I even don`t know why but I turned gradually into a ‘psychology-nut.’ I do recommend you to do the same.

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