‘Purell hand sanitizer’ is A Hero Fighter Against ‘Corona’

In the first week of quarantine in Ukraine masks and sleeves were gone from pharmacies. The most interesting fact that there were no hand disinfectors any more in shops. Normally, sanitizers are not so popular. But during the coronavirus, they are top products. Someone bought them in liters, and someone bought them in dozens of liters. The drag of the coronavirus on the global economy is massive. While the real tragedy is in lives lost, the economic effect is a hugely significant secondary consideration. Businesses around the world are feeling serious pain.

But we did not have the same excitement in the country with sanitizers as in America. There are many times more infected people. And sanitizers are bought there in thousands of bottles, if not more. Money, money, money. Good job for everyone, who has a firm producing them.

But many of the disinfectors are used in the wrong way by humans. And many of them do not really protect from all microorganisms and viruses. To sell as many them as possible, manufacturers lie.

Of course, during the Covid-19, the price of sanitizers increased. That’s why people started making it themselves. But they were often mistaken in the formula of chemical creation. So, it was the right thing to bought remedies in dispensaries. However, buying them, you need to expect that you must decontaminate not only your hands but also the items you touch. Plus, it is necessary to fumigate the items you consume as food.

Anyone who bought antiseptics has surely heard firms such as Purell and Germ-X. The Purell is a real hero nowadays. It is a Brand.  Hand Sanitizing Wipes are made with an alcohol-free formula that uses benzalkonium chloride as an active ingredient. One five-star review of Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes states, “Honestly these wipes were a lifesaver. Due to the coronavirus and me traveling to Vietnam, I bought a pack. … I used these on flights, utensils before eating and seats before sitting. It gave me [a feeling] of safety…”

As writer Dan Zak said, “The future museum artifact representing the spring of COVID-19. A clear liquid in a clear bottle in a clear glass box that a cyborg mother points out to her cyborg child: “See this? They used to rub this on themselves. It supposedly killed 99.99 percent of germs, but it definitely made them feel 100 percent better.”

So… As you can see, I’m not the only one who this brand gained attention. Now many people understand that Purell is even more of a cult. It is practically worshipped. Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes have jumped in price on Amazon.com from $11.88 in January to $79.99 on Wednesday afternoon before jumping to $199.99 on Wednesday night, according to the price tracker Keepa.com. They are currently sold out.

That’s how panic affects us. The result is a new god in the form of a sanitizer.

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