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It’s always fascinating to hear stories of somebody’s success. Today many people achieve it in blogging, photo shooting, psychological counseling and, for example, fitness coaching. But let’s talk about legendary stories of success.

We all know about Steven Jobs, but not all of us know his way to the status of one of the most influential celebs in the world. His story of success consists of University problems, family problems and the problems with hard searching for something new and innovative. But most of all Steve Jobs became a legend due to everyday work and his great mind.

There is one interesting point. We can work diligently every day and have the mind, as Steven’s too. So what is his great mind? As we know from books about this person, he liked clear thoughts and meditated to stay focused and concentrated. These things helped him a lot to be logically as well as illogically smart, sharp and standout.

But I think, that having clear thoughts, pure body, tidy home, neat workplace and idyllic instruments for working is one of the most important habits for success. This is because the atmosphere around us is awesomely axial. And, of course, to generate the best ideas, we need a clear mind.

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