‘Puss in Boots’ Is An Exciting Western!

(film review)

It has everything you need for a good western: friendship, betrayal, charismatic and ambiguous characters, unexpected plot twists.

I watched this cartoon a long time ago, so I almost did not remember it. I did not expect anything special from it and thought that it would be just a bright action. Recently, I have seen it again…I even don`t know what force made me do it…

Maybe, the reason is in the great animation of this animated western. Yeah! It looks like a McCoy Western! I really like the visuals of this cartoon. For me It’s bright beyond any expression, and the opening scenes literally immerse viewers in the noir atmosphere of a frizzle western. It is the fact that this cartoon gave a damn to the laws of physics in many scenes. So it is jammed with creative episodes.

The plot as well as animation is good too. It is detailed and moderately realistic. Exactly, as much as it is necessary to make the cartoon comfortable to watch.

So I would recommend you watching ‘Puss in Boots.’ It astonishes with amazing animation and a lot of action boiling your blood. It is just what you need to relax your mind.

My rating: 9 glasses of milk out of 10.

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