Quarantine…What to do? Quarantine…

People are divided into several camps: someone panics, someone denies, and someone sits at home and prefers to wait. I am not a supporter of panic at all, but I also do not go into the negative. I am sitting at home, as there is plenty of work and affairs.

Fortunately, you can work remotely. Now is a great opportunity to do everything that your hands have not reached for a long time: read, see webinars, learn English and enjoy this atmosphere. Although I still got to the webinars, there was no time. The only thing I think is important is to prove nothing to anyone, not to consider yourself smarter than others. If you want you can  listen to the experts or those who say that there is no virus danger at all and this is a worldwide conspiracy. If you want, listen to both of them, but observe safety measures.

Thanks to the medical friends who transferred me to the #stayathome stage. I used to trust professionals. How is your quarantine going? Have you already managed to do what you have been putting off for a long time?

Now is the time to do a general cleaning of the house, sort things out, get rid of the accumulated trash. However, I did this before, I’m trying not to accumulate old junk, but to throw it away, freeing up space for a new one.

Cooking experiments can be turned into a real hobby. Fortunately, Instagram has many cooking blogs. For example, I have a whole collection of “saved” with video – recipes for delicious dishes. The best investment is investing in yourself!

The quarantine will end soon, and new skills and knowledge will remain.

Who complained that there was not enough time to read books? Now there is time for this, read as much as you like.

A great option is to arrange a home theatre in the evenings.

The quarantine is not an obstacle to learning foreign languages. There are many lessons in the public domain!

Let’s remember board games. In bookstores, they can be ordered online. The list goes on and on …Cheers big ears!

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