Ramen Should Slurp

What makes a good bowl of ramen? I think that all ramen should be balanced. I think a bowl of ramen should slurp. I think when you try to suck up the noodles; they shouldn’t stay in the bowl. You should have flavor in your mouth when you slurp the noodle, which means the soup sticks to the noodles. There should be a lot of thought about the texture and the shape of the noodles, and the toppings should marry with that. A lot of times, you have chefs making ramen with any noodles they get their hands on.

Again, at the end of the day, this is no difference what restaurant to go. You go to bad restaurants all the time, where there’s a garnish, but the garnish seems as if they just added it as an afterthought. Such dish is a bad dish, because it wasn’t thought out. But there are other times where you take a bite of protein and a bite of starch and then some of the vegetable or whatever you`re going. Oh My God… It all seems as if it were almost one thing. It all works. It’s a plate of food that just makes sense.

That, to me, is just the difference between good and bad food. Good food is thought about, balanced, and harmonious. That’s what good ramen is. You’ll know it when you get a good bowl of it – at least some people will…

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