Rap in 2020

“Talent is what brings you into the game, and personality is what leaves you there.”
(Doctor Dre)

Each of us has our own musical preferences. In 2020, each listener will find something different. In fact, this is a great advantage of our time. Since now no one will blame you for your choice and your tastes. You can listen to black rap or enjoy Indian mantras and Slavic agmas before going to bed. There is nothing wrong with this because we listen to music for pleasure and for reconciliation with ourselves.

The present-day teenage Gen Z in contrast to Millennial Gen Y is inclined in most cases to rap. It is not known why this happened, but the fact is the fact. Honestly, I also love rapping. Although back in 16 years, I could not understand what was in it. Why were my peers so fond of listening to these meaningless songs. But you know, there is something in it. In this musical genre there is some freedom of speech, flight of thought, flare-ups of protest, and so on. You can speak out about everything in this song and no one will throw you with sticks.

Every modern country already has a dozen of well-known rap artists. Their success can be explained by the fact that they enjoy their peculiar resourcefulness. They create music, write their own text, spend weeks on it, and seven years. And since rap is in demand, this is a great opportunity to make yourself known to the whole world.

Nowadays, there are a lot of rapper girls who in a short period of time have become more popular than many guys who have been successful for many years. This can be explained. Initially, girls were not taken seriously in this genre of music. Rap aficionados could make fun of them, and girls could be frightened of this and forget about their dream forever.

But at the present time, everyone is defending their own rights and thus achieve their goals. If you look at the Billboard list, you can see that most of the artists on this list sing in the rap style. Due to this demand, the number of rap artists is surging to incredible numbers every day. True, few people understand that reading rap is not enough. Any music artist of our time is unique. Each has his or her own specific style, both in clothes and in music.

If you want to draw attention to yourself and your creativity – be yourself. You don’t need to copy someone, steal someone else’s bit for which you did not have enough money to buy copyrights. All famous artists also started from scratch. Decide on your style, your presentation. What do you want to convey to people? Or maybe you have only entertaining songs? Be original and hardworking, and only then you will success and popularity come to you.

As one rapper recently rapped, “Write your wrongs in beatbox songs!”

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