Rapunzel. Miracle version

(Fairy Tale)

Once upon a time, a striking story happened to King Eden and Queen Eve. Let’s start with the fact that the Queen could not have children, but one day she found a woman who turned out to be a tenacious and wily witch, advising Eve to drink a decoction of magic herbs to get a child later. The Queen listened to the Witch and went home.

Exactly a week later, she returned to the Witch with the good news: the Queen was finally pregnant. Instead of rejoicing, the Witch was getting angry, making a condition that the Queen would give her a child at birth, otherwise something terrible would happen.

Neither the King nor the Queen believed her, and as a result, after the birth of a girl named Rapunzel, the evil Witch abducted her and locked her in a large tower until she was 18 years old. Of course, she would have kept her there longer, but she was a bizarre girl with flexible and long arms that she could extend at a distance of 20 m. If the Witch wanted to get into the tower, the girl lowered her arms and lifted her up.

However, one day the girl realized that she could not see the world and, being tired of it, she decided that she needed just to run away. Fortunately, a Prince on a white horse from another kingdom passed near the tower and heard a beautiful girl’s voice singing a sad song. He stopped to listen and to enjoy the marvelous melody. Listening to her songs, he realized that Rapunzel needed help to escape from the tower.

Unfortunately, this story did not end as usually in fairy tales: there was no wonderful wedding, with wine pouring on Prince`s mustache, no pieces of cake falling into the happy mouths, no white dresses and no handsome horses…

The end was even better: Rapunzel found out who her parents were and told them the magnificent news — they would become grandparents. The King was so happy that his illness passed.

And they lived happily ever after.

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