‘Red Band Society’

(TV serial review)

The children’s building of the multidisciplinary hospital is a full-fledged model of the big world, where children are friends and love, respond to the challenges of fate and make difficult decisions.

The story of sick teenagers is conducted without suffering pathos, on the contrary — easy, fun, touching and, most importantly, life-affirming. The series has 12 series, which I watched in one breath. This story is about life and death, love and suffering, fear and courage, naivety and dreaminess. This is a story about everything. Six teenagers become the best friends in the hospital, two of whom have a deadly disease — cancer. Together they experience many difficulties, together they experience losses. The series has many plot twists and storylines that reveal family problems, relationship problems and more.

The series made me think about the meaning of life and taught me to appreciate the little things. Appreciate how the heroes of the series appreciate them. “Appreciate your soul, because it is you, and no one will ever be able to amputate it.” Appreciate the fact that you are healthy, have a family and everything for happiness. The series teaches to find in yourself and in friends such qualities that I have not seen before. It really opens your eyes and makes you think and reevaluate your human being. The rating of IMDb is 8.0. My rating is 8.5/10.

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