Review on ‘Nation of Vegetables’ by Oksana Moroz

That is the provocative book that caused me the most doubts. Doubts were conflicting with each other. Is the author telling the truth? Was that really the case? And I doubted if I really needed to read it. But let’s go step by step.

What does the book promise us? The fact that the author, who worked all her life in the virus-making industry, will tell about her personal experience. About how viruses are developed, how they are spread. And, of course, how to deal with them. Does it have this information? Yes, but there are no examples. The author did not provide any example from her own work experience, so, we merely have to take her words on trust. And okay, we can say that she can’t mention the companies where she worked, or that viruses she created herself were a trade secret, all that. But Oksana Moroz keeps repeating that she worked in the virus industry without identifying companies, and then you go to her Facebook and see a column listing all the companies where she worked. Not a secret at all, it turns out.

I liked the first chapter, about why Ukraine is becoming a nation of vegetables. For the first time, I came across not “the people are stupid and dumb, you can’t see,” but the reasoned opinion of why this happened, attached to historical facts. That’s intriguing… But in general…

The book is moderately raw. These ‘footnotes’ on the fields, which stupidly just reproduce what is already in the text word for word and do not carry any new information, these are references to sources of examples in the form of QR-codes… Though, well, it could look like a cool idea, but then why aren’t all the examples attached with links?

I have not discovered anything new for myself in the fight against viruses. Conceivably, it is noticeable that this is not the first thing I read on this topic and there was little new for me. I want to offer the book to someone who has read so little and ask his or her opinion, maybe, it will turn out another way. But personally, the book did not interest me except its first chapter. My rating is 2.5/5.

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