Rococo style

The philosophy of the Rococo style was determined by women – the favorites of the king: the Marquise de Pompadour, Madame Dubarri, Maria Leshchinsky.

Rococo considers the main thing in life a holiday, refined pleasure and love. Hidden pavilions, Chinese houses, secluded grottoes. The daintiness and comfort of the Rococo rooms were created due to much smaller sizes and special decoration. It was in the Rococo era for the first time that the idea of ​​the interior as an integral ensemble arises: the unity of the building in style, the decor of walls, ceilings, furniture. The combination of openwork forms, complex ornament and transparent, bright colors gave rise to a festive, truly enchanting spectacle. Rococo’s art is built on asymmetry, creating a sense of anxiety – playful mocking. By the way, girls, why not to throw a party in the Rococo style?

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