Rose and Burdock

(children’s story)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful rose in the garden. Every day  the gardener looked after this tender female flower. He watered it, rooted out weeds, spilled the best fertilizers. The rose blossomed, flourished, and whiffed a wonderful flavor. One day a boorish burdock grew near our subtle charm. The refined rose was angrily outraged. How can this brutal bush grow up at such a brilliant beauty as she? The rose said, “You’re disgusting! Don’t even dare approach me!” The burdock said nothing in return.

The days glimpsed and glimpsed but the gardener did not appear in the garden. The first week passed, the second week ended, and the rain came just only once. The rose almost dried out being ready to fall into despair. As for the burdock, he collected water in his heart-shaped leaves and felt for sure well. The rose realized that she could not survive without his help. She spoke with a weak and, at the same time, a gentle voice, “Dear Burdock could you  share some water with me. My leaves are almost fallen off and the petals are almost faded.” The burdock lifted one of his heart-shaped leaves with water and watered the almost withered flower. The forces returned to the rose and she came to life smiling happily to her nice neighbor and the rays of the sparkling sun.

Never offend others. Never feel superior even if you are a blooming beauty.

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