Sad Online and Happy Offline Dates

(romantic story)

Life is life’ (Opus)

Services for online dating are very popular now and they became more popular at quarantine when all were at home and wanted to communicate with new people. And this is a story about Emma who used with her best friends a popular between the youth service for online dating on a trendy messenger.

It was summer and with one of her friends she tried to find new friends among the peer boys. The rule of the service was that you added your photo, wrote a few words about yourself and your profile arrived to boys that would choose you or not. The same was for girls – they could watch a boy’s profile and choose a favorite one.

So Emma, a romantic 18-year old girl, met Liam, a sportive guy with a cheery smile, and started talking to him on the messenger. They were chatting about everything: hard study, funny hobbies, piquant interests and so on. They were interesting interlocutors for each other and maybe even liked each other at first sight.

One evening they were speaking about food, cafes, and McDonald’s. Liam decided to take matters into his own hands and invited Emma to go for a walk into the downtown area, eat McDonald’s rollers and make their first ‘off-line meeting.’ With a racing heart Emma agreed.

The first date was very exciting for him and her – they met on the Dnipro embankment and went sightseeing. They were sitting, laughing, getting to know each other better and it was not without the help of hard drinks. So, they liked each other. It was time to say ‘Goodbye,’ he bought her a ‘Happy Meal’ and they stood at the metro station holding the hands of each other…

After that, she told everything her friend Olivia that she liked her ‘cutie guy’ and he turned out to be so smart and cool! Olivia asked to find her a boyfriend among the friends of Liam. She agreed and at the next meeting our main characters went to the café to search for a boyfriend for Olivia. But this meeting wasn’t so cool as the previous one. Without the alcohol, he didn’t know what to tell, his jokes were floppy, and when she told her funny stories, he didn’t know how to bridge the long gaps in their dialogues. However, he offered one of his friends to Olivia…

While they talked a few days on the messenger, Olivia went on a date with his friend who turned out to be side-splitting and sharp. There was an impression that they gradually felt deep sympathy to each other.

Later, Emma and Liam stopped their communication, and Liam found a new girl. Once, after the occasional meeting of each other together with Olivia and her shrewd boyfriend, Liam said that he liked Emma all the time and wanted to mend their relationships and get back together as a couple. But she knew about his new girlfriend and just brushed him off.

Now they don`t communicate with each other, though his photo is still on her computer screen… As for their friends, they have been dating for six months and even started making the plans for their future happy life together…

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