San Francisco is THAT city

Dear tourists, if you want to get inspired for the whole year and to instill your soul with incredible emotions for the whole life, San Francisco, the Golden City, with all its hippies and fashionistas, digirati and glitterati, is waiting for you. This jewel of Northern California, full of rolling hills covered with fog, is worth visiting. I would like to show you the unbelievable beauty that the city has. You will be shocked. So are you ready?

The first place to visit is, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. It is the most photographed site in the city. Opened on May 28th, 1937, the bridge took four years to build and at the time of its completion, was the longest suspension bridge in the world, measuring approximately two miles in length. For a great view of the bridge, or for anyone interested in photographing the bridge, there are a number of ideal vantage points, which look gorgeous at golden summer sunsets.

The second place is the Legion of Honor. The impressive Neoclassical building in a splendid setting, the California Palace of the Legion of Honor is San Francisco’s most exquisite museum. The Legion of Honor was the gift of Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, the well-known socialite, philanthropist, and patron of the art. Because of her love for all things Parisian, the museum was designed as a replica of the Palais de la Légion d’Honneur in Paris. The museum is in Lincoln Park, a gorgeous green space with a golf course and coastal woodlands and a wonderful place for a leisurely walk.

The third place is Twin Peaks. The Twin Peaks are the only hills in San Francisco that have not been built and remain in their original place and state. They do have one of the finest views out over the city and bay, they’re undeveloped, and they’re easy to access. You can drive to the north peak parking area for fine views and hike along trails over the north and south peaks.

The fourth place to visit is the Palace of Fine Arts. The palace has been restored, along with the grounds, and today hosts art exhibitions and performances. The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre seats approximately 1,000 patrons.

And finally, as a visitor, you have to ride the Cable Cars. They were introduced in 1873 to help locals contend with the many hills the city is built on. Today, the few remaining cable cars offer tourists a great way to explore the city in historic fashion. So don’t lose the possibility to try this old-fashioned tram.

San Francisco, this diggety dank city, has just only one shortcoming noticed by R. Kippling, “It is hard to leave!” So, 50 square miles of paradise look forward to seeing you!

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