Santa Claus is a shoemaker!

A guy named Klus Tan wasn’t born at the most favorable time for his country. Many people in the country lived bad, due to the war with a more influential country, some managed to escape, but his family didn’t have such an opportunity. He lived with his mother in the city of Strazenburg. After his father was taken into the army, he took up his business and became a shoemaker.

At the best of times, this business brought them good profits, but during the war, the inhabitants did not have enough money even for tasty food. Klus was upset because he liked to do this business, but he was insulted that no one could afford to buy shoes even for a minimal price.

One day he was returning home after another working day and heard a quiet weeping around the corner of the street. There stood a girl, very young, she was trembling from the cold and, worst of all, she was standing barefoot in the cold snow. Klus could not leave her in this state.

“Hi, do you need some help?” he asked very carefully so as not to frighten her.

“ I don’t know, I’m lost, I don’t know where I am now and I feel very cold.”

Klus immediately grabbed her in his arms and carried her to the workshop, where he found suitable shoes.

“Mr., they are simply incredible,” the girl said and looked at the shoes.

He was surprised at how quickly she recovered; she looked very healthy and not so tired. The girl abruptly rose from her chair and examined the workshop.

“All right, Mr. Tan, I have to go. Thanks for the help.”

“Wait, where are you going?”

“Do not worry, these are not your worries, I have where to go. Remember, I will tell everyone about your kindness.”

At these words, she slammed the door. Already at home, Klus remembered that he even did not find out the name of this girl.

The following week, the line in his store was longer than the main street of the city. Under his windows, all the barefoot and poor tramps gathered asking shoes for themselves and for the family, and he gave all the shoes that were in stock. Money did not bother him at all. Helping those in need was his main goal.

One pair of shoes remained in the closet; there was no more material for production. He was waiting for the last buyer.

The bell above the door rang and he saw that girl whom he had helped for the first time.

“Well? Did you sell all the goods?’ the girl got interested.

“I gave all the shoes, I have one pair left. Have you come for them?”

“Not really. Here, I brought you a Christmas candle and products for the festive table. Have a nice Christmas.”

The bell rang again.

Klus hurried home to prepare his mother a lot of delicious dishes for Christmas. On the way, he met an old man who sang that he had been starving for the second month and asked for alms. Klus gave him the third part of his food. Then he met a boy who asked for food to feed his sick mother, and Klus also helped him. Near his house he met a very skinny dog howling with hunger, he also felt sorry for him and fed him. He came home with a bottle of wine and a half of bread. He did not say to his mother that he had distributed food to those in need; it would have upset her, even though she was a kind woman. They prayed, lit a candle, and began to eat. When Klus fell asleep, a vision came to him. Girl…yeah…that was the girl he helped… She appeared to him in different guises and always in different boots. He recognized in these images those people whom he could help and they began to say to him, “You have passed all the trials; we have tested you for kindness and generosity. Now we call you to be Santa Claus. You will live in prosperity and give this prosperity to all people. Be wise, Santa Claus. ” When he woke up he realized what had happened and saw a huge bag of gifts and a magic staff. He got dressed right away and went to give out these gifts to people.

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