Santa! Don`t sleep! Orphans want to be adopted!

Once in Lviv, a letter came to the Department of New Year’s gifts in the Lviv region. It said:
Dear Christmas elves,
On this bright holiday, your unit was sent to help the All-Ukrainian center of Christmas gifts for children without parents. Your task is to provide all Lviv children who do not have parents with Christmas gifts. With best wishes,
Svyatoslav Aleksandrovich Klaus.
Merry Christmas!”

Christmas elf Igor Serebryakov was not enthusiastic about this business: their department was engaged only in gifts ordered by parents. Huge difficulties could arise with the new assignment! He called his assistant, Gennady Gornyakov, and asked him to make a list of things that children from orphanages might like. Gennady thought for a long time and called his secretary, Anna Oliynyk, and asked her to find out what the children from orphanages liked.

Anna did not waste much time and created a post on the Internet where she asked what modern orphans love. To be honest, they had very uncomfortable desires. They wanted to be adopted! Anna quickly organized the site, added all Lviv orphans to the database, and, having spent sponsor money on advertising, raised the site to “popular”.

Thanks to Anna’s website, many families wanted to adopt children for Christmas. Igor Serebryakov received an award for his great contribution to the work of the department of the Lviv region, Gennady Gornyakov received a bottle of good whiskey and Anna Oliynyk a chocolate bar.

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