There was not a very winning character in the world.
Let’s call him Sanya.

Like many people before him, he became who he did not want to be.

It happens so often. Willy-nilly we become who we didn’t want to be.

So Sanya did not want to be himself. He worked for a furniture company. He did not like furniture. He did not like his job. Sanya divorced three times and had three children from three ex-wives. Sanya was not a good father, but tried to pay alimony and give gifts to all his children for the holidays. Sanya had a cat and a ficus. At least he took good care of them. His life was fascinating only when he was fishing. He let fish go away because he did not like to eat fish at all. He needed this hobby to relax and communicate with nature.

On Saturdays, Sanya would go to a bar with his friends, beer buddies. His friends were as cool as he thought. Everyone is so positive and kind. Not that he is. Sanya often felt tired. He didn’t even know why. It’s just that such mood somehow came to his mind and it didn’t want to leave him alone.

You probably already understand that Sanya is a standard somber straw character about whom you would never write a story, because it is too sad…


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