‘Saving Amelie’ by Cathy Gohlke

(book review)

Joy is the gift of God, and you are His child. He loves you so.”

I always say that I don’t like books about war, concentration camps and human cruelty. However, a person needs to be a realist, so I had to bite the bullet and start reading about those gory milestones in history that humanity wants to forget.

A black van with “inferior” children, torture, censorship and extermination of Jews are just a few of the facts that characterize Nazi Germany. The writer invites the reader into that cruel world of human hatred and selfishness, where the fate of innocent people was decided. However, Cathy also shows people who believe and forgive, love and help, looking forward to Christmas.

Deaf girl Amelie has suffered a lot in her life, but she changes the destiny of many people. However, the responsibility for her life lies with the American Rachel, who is also losing a lot. “Save someone’s life or pass by? Remain a man or an indifferent puppet of the regime?Is it worth to bare one’s soul?” the characters in the book must answer these questions and choose between good and evil…

Among other books on the subject, ‘Saving Amelie’ differs by the highlighting the problem of eugenics and the heartfelt story of the price at which the Nazis wanted to create a “pure nation.” The author emphasizes the importance of faith and the courage to fight obstacles, “Sometimes taking up our cross is doing the thing in front of us, not the glamorous, high-risk thing afar off.” Although the book is emotionally heavy, it is an anthem of humanity, kindness, and the virtues that helps weather the storm.

It’s hard for me to name the disadvantages of this book, but for many it will be too difficult to read. For example, my heart ached for a long time after a scene with a Jewish boy… Also sometimes I didn’t like Rachel’s behavior; she should be more courageous…

I would like to recommend this book from the bottom of my heart to all the brave readers, interested in the theme of the Second World War. We cannot change the past, but we have a chance to change the present by taking lessons from the past.

I give it 10/10.

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