Say, “Cheese!”

Photography has literally become a chore for most of us these days. When we find ourselves in front of a lens, we often feel awkward and embarrassed. And the images we take make us doubt ourselves and our own beauty. So why does this happen?

  • Mirror

It’s all about the reflection we’re used to seeing in the mirror, upside down. I think habit breeds sympathy. Therefore, when we see the real image on the camera, we most often do not like it.

  • Parallel Universe

Modern gadgets are equipped with cameras that automatically augment reality, depicting us with a little more distinction. It turns out that we see one thing in the mirror, another in the camera, and a third in the smartphone photo.

  • Posing

I’m sure many of us are subscribed to various models on social media. We unconsciously borrow their poses, showing them sometimes in completely inappropriate situations. So languid looks, staring into nowhere, rounded couture backs leave it to the glossy magazines. And natural and lively photos will always decorate any gallery.

  • Shouldn’t we have a drink?

Scientists have proven that people who have had a couple of drinks before taking the picture look better in the photo than those who are completely sober. That’s because when we drink a little bit we relax, our facial expressions become more natural, our cheeks flush, etc. But do not forget about health, and do not abuse alcohol!

Remember that you will never be beautiful until you feel beautiful.

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