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“Music is also a woman, and so far – the only woman who can keep me close.”

His confidence, audacity, and his own unique style of music have won the hearts of many people for many years. A man whose songs are listened to by almost all young people. Tickets for the concerts of the talented artist fly away in minutes. It is called the main phenomenon that turned the rap game up-down. This is a Kazakh rapper and beatmaker, a member of the Gazgolder label — Skriptonite. His real name is Adil Zhalelov.

3 years ago I just liked Adil’s work but after delving into his biography and learning a number of interesting facts about him, I realized how strong a man he is. Adil became for me not only a talented performer but also one who changed his life beyond recognition by his own work and irresistible desire.

The musician gained widespread popularity in 2015, after the release of his first album “House of Normal Phenomena”, which overtook Justin Bieber’s disc in the iTunes chart and was second only to the new album of the singer Adele. It was hard to even believe. It would seem how popular Justin Bieber and Adele were at the time, as opposed to the almost unknown Scriptonite.

“Do what the soul asks and spit on someone else’s opinion,” this phrase can be titled all the work of Scriptonite. In the tracks, he repeatedly describes his past life: conflicts with his parents, separation from a girl, lack of money, and many other factors that influenced him as a person. When you listen to these compositions, it is as if you plunge into that aggressive ascetic world and believe every word of it.

Adil’s childhood, probably no one would envy. There was a tense atmosphere in the family, under the protection of a firm parental hand. Skriptonit’s nervous father often raised his voice, bringing the whole family to tears. The temperamental Adil entered into frequent confrontations with him, ending in a “belt” at best. An interesting fact is that Adele under 17 had to be home no later than 22:00.

At school, he was very shy, awkward, and had no friends at all. Surprisingly, the first person with whom Skriptonit shared his new (and main) hobby was his class teacher. She did not openly criticize the guy but admitted that she did not see in it his future. Actually, like his whole family.

The father wanted his son to become an artist. All the time that Adil was studying in college, a conflict was brewing inside, and got obvious when Adil was a third-year student. He did not like this kind of occupation, and he took the documents from the college, having only incomplete secondary education behind him, and went to work at the gas station.

It’s hard to believe, but without any support, almost without money and experience in the field of music, Adil wrote his own beats and gradually became popular. Just only when his salary exceeded his father’s, his mother and father were forced to admit their wrongdoing.

“Music is also a woman, and so far — the only woman who can keep me close.” With this quote, Adil briefly made it clear to everyone that he was not yet lucky in his personal life. In one of his songs, entitled Position, he wrote about an unhappy relationship and a girl who abandoned him because he had no money.

Skriptonit is now one of the most successful and popular rappers. He focuses on the musical component, which he often does personally. A peculiar pronunciation, which is jokingly called “Yeltsin Flow”, and a “half-drunk” voice gave a unique sound for his debut album. In order to avoid the influence of others, Skriptonite practically does not listen to songs in Russian, including works by other rappers. In fact, it is one of the factors distinguishing him from others.

For many people, Adil Zhazhilov can be a great role model. He proved to everyone who did not believe in him that he deserved to be called the best rapper of all Asian and even European rappers.

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