Secret Trio

(short story)

I’m living someone’s dream life. But it’s not for me.
Huge house, rich parents, and the coolest school in the city. The school is full of heirs of the richest families… A bunch of fools… But of course, I can’t say that aloud.

As the eldest child I should be an example. Excellent grades, good relationships with teachers, and perfectly ironed school uniform. Who knows – knows. It is just a mask. My masquerade starts every morning and ends when I meet two of my friends.

We know each other our whole life and meet every day in my room. Our company has all night long to make something cool and it is not that great… It’s our secret but who will ever believe that good girls like us can do something illegal.

To become a big cheese in the hacker industry, I have worked so hard for 5 years. So now we have a good deal of clients. Each of us works with particular parts that we know the best. We can change somebody’s life in one moment, but who really cares if we get money for that.

Oh, MONEY… As Henry David Thoreau said, “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” So we literally try to perfectly know what life can be. To get everything with parents’ money it’s not for us. I easily lose interest in any stuff that parents give me. What mine cost me something…

I give this job all my blood, sweat & tears so I deserve all this money and opportunities.

At this moment we keep this secret only between us three until we get enough to escape from this “perfect” life when elder people say what they want and I have no rights for that.

Therefore, we wake up every morning being the cutest and kindest girls that you have ever met. But it’s for some time. One day we will disappear and leave only memories about girls who we have never been…

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