Sense of Life. Before and After


“Why we are living here? What is the point of living?”

I think most people have asked themselves these questions at least once in their lives. But is there an answer? And do we really need it in our lives to call it “full”?

I think that recent war events show us that the real sense of life is just life. Walking in a park, going to the movies and theaters, meeting friends, reading books, seeing the sunrise and sunset – all these little things make life special, happy, and unique. That`s why, maybe we should stop worrying and complicating everything, putting off our lives for the future, though, every minute, every little thing that we do not notice in the everyday life is important and worth it, making us cheery and alive.

One day you can wake up…having none of these things…and you will understand how happy you were then…just a month ago…just before the war…How these little things spruced up your everyday life and you would be very sad that you did not appreciate them before.

So please, be thankful for what you have at the moment, even if it is after…I mean a safe place, a long sleep, a hot bath, and stop searching for some big sense, which is a simple waste of time, especially in the time of war. Just live, cause that`s what really matters.

Take care of yourselves…

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