Set up a balcony and bake bread: Things to do at home during quarantine

“My Mom keeps me grounded and all that. She makes me do chores”
(A. Cravalho)

You don`t know what to do, right? Listen to your Mom, and do household chores! Quarantine is a good opportunity to take time for yourself, learn a couple of new recipes for unhurried breakfasts on the balcony, or finally force yourself to make out the wardrobe. We tell how boring and useful it is to spend these days in an apartment.

Try to bake bread according to the simplest recipe

All you need is an oven, flour and yeast, a minimum of equipment, a little patience, and a couple of hours of free time. As a result — man-made, lush, and ruddy bread with a crust, not like a mass-market store from the world of bakery products.

Learn to take pictures of food beautifully

If self-isolation has advantages, then one of them is pumping culinary skills. In quarantine, everything turned into food bloggers: deliveries alternate with simple but effective dishes created in your own kitchen. To surprise friends with their freshly acquired talents, it will not hurt to pump photoskills, as well.

Equip a balcony and spend the time outdoor

The balcony is the main luxury of quarantine – many of us are accustomed to fit into the storage of everything that the hand does not rise to take out in the trash. Start a new life in May and act decisively: the trash – in the trash, on the balcony – redecorating and a table with a pair of wooden chairs to finally start having breakfast with a view.

Customize unnecessary things

Give old jeans or a stretched T-shirt a new life. To do this, you will need fabric dyes, “White” or any other bleach. And of course, your fantasy. The Tai Dai technique is not popular for the first season; designers willingly cover denim, outerwear and cotton with patterns. We are sure that tai dai is waiting for another round of popularity at the end of quarantine, and we propose to improve a couple of things at home.

Schedule a haircut and manicure in advance

Apparently, beauty salons and manicure studios will open only in the summer. If you are not ready to switch to home procedures and are waiting for the removal of quarantine measures to put your head and hands in order, pay attention to deposits and certificates. Many salons offer them now. Firstly, so that you can choose a convenient time (most likely, in the first weeks of work, recording in all salons will be tight), and secondly, so that studios can pay salaries to their employees and rent.

Disassemble the wardrobe

Outside the window, real spring weather was established, and it is time to say goodbye to the winter jacket in the hallway until next fall. Even if you go out into the street only to the store and not more than once a week, doing this is more pleasant in things that are appropriate for the season. Spend a couple of hours analyzing your wardrobe – you will be surprised what treasures await you on the far shelves.

Set up a home office

Most likely, the offices will begin to work fully only by the middle of summer, although such a forecast now seems overly optimistic. In order not to hold meetings at Zoom at the dining table in the coming months, it’s time to set up a working corner for yourself. It will require only a little free space, a good office chair, a table, and a couple of little things.

At the end, I would like to share my favorite saying of J. Praine. I guess it suits well to the quarantine, “I like doing chores…”

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