Seven Reasons To Put A Question To Recruiter

Asking questions during an interview is perfectly normal. Your questions (or lack thereof) can show the recruiter your level of motivation and interest. In addition, you should discuss important points for you in the early stages to save your own time and the time of the company.

Therefore, it is important to ask questions during the interview, because thanks to this you will be able to:

  1. Prepare for the next stages of the interview

Not all recruiters talk about the entire process of selecting candidates, which is provided for the vacancy, on their own initiative. As a candidate, it is important for you to understand: how many stages will be ahead, with whom you will speak (and in what language), whether a test task is planned and how you will receive feedback after it is completed.

  1. Plan the job search process and not to lose alternative opportunities

Most often, candidates participate in negotiations with several companies at once, review proposals daily. The question “How long does your recruitment process usually take?” will help you plan your activities so as not to procrastinate with other companies and not to lose alternative opportunities.

  1. Understand what tasks you will face

Not all vacancies contain in their description a list of tasks that will be performed by a person in this position in the next 3-6-12 months. Often companies are limited to a list of requirements and daily activities. Understanding the full picture, the goals for the near future will help you understand whether this position is really right for you.

  1. Understand your chances for employment and imagine a future team

Asking what critical skills and experience a team or manager wants to see in a candidate, and what qualities the company values ​​in employees, will help you orient yourself in your own chances for this role. And also to predict with what people you will have to work in one team.

  1. Get feedback from the recruiter

Unfortunately, not all recruiters, and not always, send feedback. Ask how long the company decides to move on to the next stage and when you can wait for news from the recruiter.

  1. Study better the company

Direct questions during the interview will help to get a better picture of company plans, its development strategy, its culture and traditions.

  1. Find out the critical moments for you

If you have a list of special wishes, be sure to say them during the first conversation with the recruiter to understand the opportunities (or lack thereof), save your time and company time.

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