Seven Tips for Business Conversations

I think that every person, at least once in his or her life, will have a business conversation, for which he or she should be prepared both mentally and physically. Therefore, in this article I will give some tips on what to do before the conversation and at the meeting itself.

  1. Conversation plan. Prepare a conversation plan ahead of time. In most cases, the conversation will not go according to the plan that you wrote, but in any case, knowing what and when you want to say or ask will help you in a critical situation.
  2. Preparation. This point can include the preparation of a plan, and think over more important points of the conversation, such as its beginning and end. Another important step before a business meeting is reading information about your interlocutor or his company, etc.
  3. Rehearsal. If this is a very important business conversation for you and you want to make a good impression and avoid mistakes, then you can rehearse the conversation before the meeting. How will you start the conversation, what will you say in the middle of the conversation, and how will you end it. You can also write approximate questions that your interlocutor can ask and try to give a clear answer to them.
  4. The beginning of the conversation. First, you should definitely say ‘hello’ and introduce yourself. Because your interlocutor may not know your name or forget it, and in order not to embarrass him, it is better to say your first and last name right away. Secondly, briefly tell about yourself and your position, include the name of your company. And thirdly, at the beginning of the conversation, try not to worry, smile and create a pleasant atmosphere.
  5. Self-presentation. If at this meeting you need to tell about yourself or your company, then prepare a presentation in addition to the report. Firstly, it is quite convenient, because graphs, diagrams, illustrations, etc., can be placed on slides. Secondly, talking about something with a presentation is always more professional.
  6. “Brevity is the soul of wit,” as once W. Shakespeare said. Remember that during a conversation, answering questions, self-presentation, you need to answer briefly and on the topic. Because no one likes it when the interlocutor speaks for a long time and “pours water.” The most important part of a business conversation is brevity.
  7. At the end of the conversation, do not forget to thank your companion and say ‘goodbye.’ And the main thing is not to worry.

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