‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts

“There is no place where there is no war.”
Only in the middle of the book, you will learn about the author, and about the war that he waged within himself, then winning and gaining peace, then again rapidly falling into the abyss.
An autobiographical novel filled with confessions, bordering on death and self-destruction by love.

Gregory David Roberts is the author of this book, in his life he is a drug addict and a robber, imprisoned for 19 years in his native Australia and fled straight from there to India. About 10 years he lived in Bombay (now Mumbai) and his romance will tell you about this life.
He will tell about the very India, which not all of us are ready to see, even having been in it. The author assures that the heroes of the novel are fictitious, but the events underlying the plot of the book actually happened to him: Indian slums, healing them, working for the local mafia, serving time in a bombing prison, and even participating in the Afghan war.

And also love. Yes, there is a lot of love in this novel; I would even say that Shantaram is a book about love. But then you would think that this is a love affair, but it is not.

“This is a country where the heart dominates all. There are a billion inhabitants and two hundred languages. And it is our heart that holds us together. No other country has a nation like ours. Nowhere is there such a heart as an Indian. ”
India is love. Reading Shantaram, you cannot think differently.

If we talk about the minuses, it will probably seem to someone that the book contains too much crime and drugs, which in some situations can force our teenagers to copycat them, but this is perhaps the only drawback.

I would advise you to read this book to people of a more conscious age, this story will definitely remain in the heart, even the author at the beginning of the Book writes: a person whose ‘shantaram’ will not be touched to the core, either does not have a heart, or is dead, at the same time. Undoubtedly, my rating is 5 stars!

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