«Shantaram» by Gregory David Roberts

Book Review

5 stars. This husky-chusky book surpassed my most menchaca expectations. Lin, a brave guy, who chose the wrong way and passed through numerous life hardships, including an Australian prison, Mumbai slumps, and Afghanistan, could not but get respected, daps, daps, daps. For hundreds of times, in his extremely adventurous life, he could be crushed, slashed, and trashed…Nevertheless, he survived since “every human heartbeat is a universe of possibilities.”

In spite of his criminal past, half-criminal present and far foggy future, he always stayed human. He risked his life to save his hopeless friends; he treated the homeless in Bombay gutter. He battled cholera and firestorms; he helped his overcrowded area.

Exotic Mumbai settings, charismatic characters, and unexpected philosophical thoughts belong to the appalling advantages of the book. “Love, like respect, is not something you get; it`s something you give…”

As for the minuses of the book…every ointment has a couple of flies… to glorify the criminal stereotypes is not the best way to get through to the hearts of the world audience.

However, being weak on some philosophy of life points, I was completely gripped with its adventurous content, drama bombs and unexpected plot twists. Now, I can`t wait till I get the follow-up book written by Gregory D. Roberts, entitled as  ‘The Mountain Shadow.’

So, if you have not enjoyed this stunningly catching book so far, you could do it in the nearest future. Life is too short to ignore the bypassing blockbusters.     

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