She Was Not Supposed to Bet…

(humorous story)

It was a hot summer. Sunny Turkey. As usual, our guide gathered all tourists together in the guest hall to discuss something important. We  listened up so “interesting and exciting” speech and suddenly, two brash boys-men entered the hall. One was in a red cap, another held a tablet in the hands. They lаughed a lot and it irritated all of us a lot.

“Typical crashing party animals. Cranks! Ready to bet one of them is a classic skirt chaser, and the other one has some freaking addictions. Hmm, drugs and games!” commented my sister.

It was a wonderful rest! Now my sister has 2 kids and  a good husband whom she called  “a classic skirt chaser” having seen him at the first time. So, don’t judge a person  by the way he or she looks. Who knows, maybe that is your destiny and you will start a family then. And, my sister was not supposed to bet…

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