Recently, the occupation of vlogging has gained popularity. The subject of video for content is completely different: everyday life and work, shopping and reviews. Today we’ll talk about what a video blog is and where to start it.

In general, a video blog is another form of a blog, only instead of the usual text, information is transmitted through video. If, for example, your company maintains a blog about what SEO is and about other concepts in Internet marketing, your office mates start writing features and listicles, opinion articles and various reviews. Besides, they resort to the same texts and read them on camera, saying about conducting a ‘video blog.’ It is a wrong way!

How would you keep this ‘video blog’? Now I will tell you everything!

A perfectly designed channel is when the title picture is not overloaded with information. A person should immediately understand who hosts this channel (show the faces) and what this channel is about (we have laptops, smartphones, video cards.). In the same place, we immediately give a description of the channel in the form of short words separated by commas.

YouTube has a special bot – a program that crawls through all videos and analyzes which videos to block, which to promote, and so on. There are many factors influencing a bot’s decision to promote a video. Your perfect video won’t get a good rating if your channel isn’t properly styled. If you don’t know how to do this, hire a designer.

The number of video views depends on the correct placement of blocks on your channel. But Ukrainian companies often do not design the channel and make it just a platform for uploading videos (in order to post it later on their website). This is mistake.

If you have a lot of content, make playlists. Many are sure that no one enters playlists. This is not true. Statistics shows that people not only enter, but also look at pictures, titles and click on them. Also consider your material grid.

The average number of YouTube channel updates is two videos per week. But in Ukraine this is not quite a relevant figure.

It’s better to shoot a lot of content and, during the year, through trial and error, figure out what your audience likes and what it doesn’t. High-quality content that will not reach your audience will not discredit you, but you will gain experience at the same time.

It is very important to understand with the help of a content analyzer when your audience sits down at a computer or tablet to watch a video. Then you need to upload a new video. For example, if our audience is schoolchildren, then we count on when they come home from school and redo their lessons.

You don’t need to have a superexpensive camera and microphone to start filming. A smartphone is enough. Just turn on the light or put the person by the window and prevent the camera from shaking. The same top political blogger Balashov publishes a video from a smartphone.

If your company needs very high-quality content, then outsource the team first. In the process, you will understand what kind of people you need and whether you need a YouTube channel at all.

A person decides to click on a video only because of the title and picture. Therefore, I highly recommend drawing your own picture for the cover of the video, showing who is talking and what is offering. In this case, the font should be readable from a smartphone.

On YouTube, tags, video title, description, annotations, hints and translation are very important. Description, cover and text must be truthful. In this case, the most important in the title are the first two words.

The description should be as concise and simple as possible. Very catchy words need to be written in capital letters: the case of the letters technically affects the promotion. In the first lines of the description (which are always visible), it is vital to give the most important things. For us, the priority is to give traffic to our sponsor.

To keep the attention of your audience, your video needs to have an intro, content, and denouement. On TV, the intro can last 4 minutes, while on YouTube it can be 13 seconds. And this time is key for you; you must have time to announce everything that you will tell in your video.

With the analysis of audience retention, you can see what it doesn’t like and where it leaves you. For example, it turned out that when looking at toothbrushes, people leave at the moment of brushing their teeth. They don’t like to watch it. And when we did a review without a demo, it looked better.

There must be a call to action at the end. It is important for YouTube to get new subscribers, likes and comments after each video – this greatly affects the promotion.

You can follow trends to drive traffic to your videos. Now the world is crazy about Pokémon, and you might think about how to use it in your home. Another example of trend following was the Ice Bucket Challenge a few years ago…

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