Simple Snowflake Miracle

Time works wonders
© Proverb.

I remember this moment surprisingly well, then I was 15 years old. I walked home after school, and I I stayed late at school then. My classmates and I made decorations for the class.

So, it was in December and I remember exactly that that year the winter was very snowy. I was just walking down the street, listening to the crunching snow under my feet, and then I noticed how the shiny snowflakes began to fall.

I just stopped in the middle of the road and looked fascinated at the snow crystals in the glare of the street lights. It was so beautiful and … magical. I can’t describe in words how wonderful it was. I got a feeling that all sensations experienced during the day got together in my heart and began to spark my soul with the incredible force.

It is an inexplicable feeling when you are a little cold outside your body and inside you feel warm and divine.

I also recollect that then I met a nice woman with a dog who was so funny while catching flying snowflakes and let me stroke her. Such a simple gesture that shows that good intentions are met just as well.

It was a magical evening that I keep forever. There was notthing unusual that made it magical, but simple snowflakes and a friendly dog.

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