Sleeping Beauty

Beauty of overslept lesson

(derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time there lived a king and a queen. They had no children, and they really wanted to have an heir. Finally, their devine daughter was born. The parents were so happy that they arranged a lavish birthday baptism party and even invited 8 fairies. Though at that time the kingdom suffered from the worst coronavirus pandemic, all fairies were obliged to wear masks. Seven fairies passed without hesitation and only the eighth mask was not found.

Outraged that she was not allowed to bless the pretty prin-crown-cess, the fairy cursed the little child to eternal sleep on the most important day in her life. After that she turned around and disappeared as a wicked whirlwind. After hearing that, the good fairies answered that only a handsome prince could save this sweet and subtle girl. He should appear, cast away the curse from the princess, and she would wake up.

Every year, on this important day, the parents sipped some spell coffee and did not let their lovely lassie close her eyes. The beauty was annoyed by her parents’ behavior and by this mad magician malison forcing her to keep silence and to sleep so long…

Although the princess resisted the tooth and nail, gradually she fell asleep. In the morning the girl did not open her eyes. Recognizing the new reality, the parents created a bunch of questionnaires on various dating sites so that the princess could finally wake up. Years passed, the princess slept until—Hallelujah—a well-built and high-spirited guy appeared to dispel all sinful spells. He fell in love with this divine daughter of grace, loveliness and gentleness. The beauty who felt as if she got revived after a long half-death and half-life night started her life from scratch. However, love overcomes all difficulties and everything passed perfectly.

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